Absolute Sound Editors Choice 2018

The Absolute Sound’s Neil Gader featured the MarkAudio-SOTA Cesti B in their Editor’s Choice Best of 2018 list – as seen in this month’s (March 2018) issue, as a followup to the Cesti B’s feature in last month’s issue (February 2018)
You can hear these speakers along with the rest of the range at the Bristol show and the North West Audio Show they can be purchased straight from the Sota website or through one of the dealers on the site
Here are some quotes from Neil Gader
“MarkAudio-SOTA’s compact two-way Cesti B riveted NG’s attention with uncluttered centre stage clarity and image specificity.”
“Dynamically, the Cesti B was evenhanded, nicely balancing micro and macro.”
“If vocals are a staple of your listening diet, take note.”
“The Cesti B conveyed highly resolved inner detail with a sense of immediacy that conjured up the live event, and it scaled images in a very respectable fashion, rather than miniaturizing them as small compacts often do.”
“It’s aggressively priced, and beautifully executed, to boot. Although a relative newbie as a company, the depth of its engineering bench allowed MarkAudio-SOTA to step up to the plate and perform like a veteran.”
“You could feel the vibrational and resonant tug of the notes”
“one nicely balanced compact with a well defined midrange”
“What riveted my attention was its clarity and image specificity”

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