Home Theatre Review of Cesti MB

Steven Stone at Home Theater Review published his stellar review of the Cesti MB’s – for the full review read- https://hometheaterreview.com/markaudio-sota-cesti-mb-bookshelf-speaker-reviewed/

Home Theatre Review

Home Theatre Review of Cesti MB

“judging by the rave reviews and awards garnered by its products, MarkAudio-SOTA is another new firm (they were formed in 2014) whose products have made serious inroads into old-school loudspeaker turf.”

“In an age when very few loudspeaker manufacturers still make all the components (especially the drivers) in their own factory, MarkAudio-SOTA is in the minority of ones that do make their own drivers.”

“The most impressive aspect of their performance was their seamless, expansive, and dimensional soundstage.”

“Locational cues, whether way off to the outer edges of the soundstage or placed dead-center, were easily discernible, which made it easy to identify each element in a mix, no matter how complex that mix may be.”

“Because they have no separate drivers that require a crossover, the Cesti MBs have a high level of phase coherence throughout their frequency range.”

“I did not hear any suck-outs or harmonic hot spots, and the transition from bass to upper treble was smooth and well balanced.”

“because the Cesti MB has no vents, ports, or other bass-enhancing design additions, it does not exhibit any group delay or harmonic embellishments in its bass response.”

“In almost 40 years of listening to high-performance loudspeakers, I’ve never heard a loudspeaker that excels with every sonic parameter and works optimally in every room in which it is ensconced.”

“The goal for me has always been to find loudspeakers that do most things well and don’t have any major Achilles heel… and I do consider the MarkAudio-SOTA Cesti MB speakers to surpass that goal.”

“On my desktop, they served up a near-perfect combination of detail with euphony, combined with dynamic acuity and control.”

“If you have the luxury of spending multiple hours using a nearfield system, I would definitely consider adding the Cesti MB loudspeakers to your list of potential monitors. They always tell the musical truth, but they do it in a non-fatiguing way that is even more welcome as day turns into night.”

High Points

  • The Cesti MBs offer precise lateral imaging.
    • These speakers are rugged and can handle power.
    • Their sound has a low fatigue factor, and they produce a large sweet spot.

Low Points
• The Cesti MBs need to be mated with a subwoofer to be a full-range system.
• They also need stands to get them higher off the desktop.
• The overall resolution level is medium-high rather than super-high.


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