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Viotti One review on

“Performance” score is 4.5/5 stars.  Overall score of 4/5 stars.

Review Highlights

  • “the Viotti One seems a notch or two above many competing models in many ways.
  • “In fact, it didn’t exhibit any obvious distinctive sound character of its own–it just sounded good.
  • “Overall, the sound seemed unusually vivid and lively, but the speakers accomplished this with no overt coloration or unnatural sonic characteristics.
  • “‘This speaker’s a lot of fun to listen to,’ I noted,
  • “Once more, the Viotti Ones just sounded good.
  • “This is a pretty flat response for a speaker of this type.
  • “I enjoyed listening to the Viotti One no matter what material I was playing.
  • “in actual use the Viotti One was much more friendly and easy to get along with than most exotic high-end speakers.
  • “what’s most remarkable to me about the Viotti One is that, as unusual as its design is, it’s more of a subtly different and delightful twist on the conventional two-way speaker, rather than a radical departure.”

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