Markaudio is a division of Markimage Limited, a product design company based in Hong Kong. Since the year 2000, Markimage Limited has made audio components and finished products for A/V brands in Australia, Canada, Germany and USA. We have over 10 years of audio transducer, network and cabinet manufacturing and sourcing experience in China, Taiwan, South Asia and Japan. The main concentration of our OEM business is in the middle to upper end of the market, particularly in custom made items. For enquiries, please email: support@markaudio.com

Custom system makers using Markaudio products

Planet 10 Hi-Fi: Designers and makers of specialised kit speaker systems
Site: http://www.planet10-hifi.com
Email Dave Dlugos:  david@planet10-hifi.com

Cabot Acoustics: Custom makers of  fine quality lousdspeaker systems
Site: http://www.cabotacoustics.com
Email: cabotacoustics@gmail.com

Quali-Fi: Designers and makers of custom European built speaker systems
(Top image on the Markaudio site, courtesy of Quali-Fi)
Site: http://www.qualifi.dk
Email Kurt Nielsen: kurt.nielsen@qualifi.dk

Unmonday: Makers of advanced high-end portable wireless streamed speaker systems using Alpair series drivers.

Contact Markaudio: Email:  support@markaudio.com

Linfof: Makers of custom solid wood speaker systems
Site: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/linfof/MYBLOG/profile.html
Email Niwa San: 丹羽 和彦: linfof@hb.tp1.jp

Mixel Sound: Designers and makers of CNC kit speaker systems
Site: http://www.mx-spk.com/
Email Toshio Moriyama San: 有限会社ミクセル: moriyama12@mx-spk.com

Z Sound: Designers and makers of kit speaker systems
Site: http://z-sound.biz/z600/alpair7.html
Email Makato Adachi San: 大山美樹音 ooyama@z1000.biz

Mod Loudsepeakers: custom makers of loudspeaker system and Raw driver distribution for New Zealand

Colin Topps: Bespoke maker of British built speaker systems
Email Colin for details:  c.topps@talk21.com

Electric Beach Audio: Makers of high-end and custom loudspeaker systems.

Brines Acoustics: Designer and maker of Full-Range speaker systems
Site: http://brinesacoustics.com/Pages/T7-A7/Main.html
Email:  bob@brinesacoustics.com

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